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About Amit Singh (xk0der)

Amit Singh (xk0der)

A short note about the author in his own words :

long hair; static fun; volatile nature; mutable intelligence; const humour;

A rather longish note about the author:
Amit Singh holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering. He hails from Allahabad, India, though he calls Lucknow as his home since he spent almost fourteen years there.

During his early career days Amit co-founded a start-up named Ensparc, at Bangalore; and later moved on to join Intoto a computer security firm, at Hyderabad. His next stop was Hidden Reflex, another start-up based at Bangalore. Currently he is working at Rediff, Mumbai.

Amit is a computer hacker by passion and by profession. Apart from computers Amit likes to sing, listen to music, play keyboard and other than these astronomy and related physics fascinate him a lot.

You may spy on Amit using his internet handle xk0der .


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