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x86 Emulator in Java – Cool! June 26, 2008

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Before I write anything about it, here’s the link to the JPC project


It’s a nice feat these guys have achieved by creating an emulator for Intel x86 architecture in Java. I’m not sure how useful this project would be, but it’s a cool peice of software :) . Hats off to the JPC developers.

Some of the demos with DOS games are nice. Got nostalgic playing the old DOS games; Prince, mario, keen, invaders :)
What more, it can run Linux! .. I’m yet to try their Linux demo though, but the DOS one’s were very fast.

And to top it all, they have release the source code, I’ve just downloaded it and ‘am going to have a look at how they have done it. Meanwhile you can visit their demo pages and enjoy some of the good ol’ DOS games.

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Git and Trac – A Love Story. June 26, 2008

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This is a post I’ve written at my Company blog. Here’s a small excerpt and the link to the complete post.

Git and Trac – A Love Story

Git and Trac, both got married very recently (at our setup ) ), and the newlywed couple are quite a charm to work with. It all started with the search for a version control tool which could be used now, with just four of us using it, and that would scale beautifully to hundreds and thousands of users. The version control system would be the groom. Meanwhile we were also in search for a perfect partner (the bride), an issue tracking system, that would gel with our choice of version control seamlessly.

To begin with, we all (at Hidden Reflex) were leaning towards a central repository setup ….. more

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