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Google Ads : Under Testing :) August 29, 2008

Posted by xk0der in : Funny / Weird , add a comment

While testing my mail server, by sending a mail to my GMail account, I noticed something peculiar at GMail. I sent a mail using Thunderbird to my GMail account, then checked the mail on the GMail’s web interface and found a rather amusing ad under the “sponsered links” section. Click on the image below for full size. The ad is marked with a red circle (ellipse? :) )

Apparently the Google engineers were (are) testing their ad engine or something related when I happen to view my “Test” mail with GMail’s web interface. The Mail I sent had the subject set to “Test” and the body contained just one word “Again”. Probably the subject line triggered their test ad to appear.

The URL displayed in the browser’s status bar is the link to the google’s test ad. Clicking on it takes you to a page at google.com throwing an error “This page does not exist”.

No big deal! I just found this to be amusing, that’s it :)

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